Get It Done – June 2019

It’s that time again. Time to review last month’s goals and set four new goals for this month.

Things went a little wonky in May. I was doing fairly well at the beginning of the month. Then right about halfway through, I got a phone call which changed all of my well-laid plans. (In a good way!)

First let’s review:

For May:

1) Piece the border for A-mazing in Red (and those last seams on ORL) – I did get the seams on ORL done and started piecing the borders for A-mazing. But did I say I was going to do simple piano key borders? Because I didn’t! I decided on something much more wonderful-er but also much more time consuming. I’m hoping to finish this in the next few days.

2) Quilt ORL, this should go quickly, since I already know what quilting design I want to use. – Yes, well, things go much quicker when you actually do them! I also hope to finish this in a few days

3) Bind donation quilt – DONE!!

4) Cut additional blocks for Celtic Solstice, another Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt that has languished in the back of the closet because I wanted to add to the size. – NOPE – didn’t even start.

I didn’t keep up with the goals very well. (sad face) But I have been very busy!

Let me tell you about the phone call. Some ladies from my quilt group have opened a little shop in downtown Frostburg. They have asked if I would like to bring some of my pieces to sell. I decided to try it out and see what happens. So, instead of getting the projects on my list finished, I got side tracked into working on some mixed media fiber collage pieces.

This is one that is in progress. It is called “Little bird #7 – Gesture of Goodwill”

I have a few other pieces that will be on display at Sister’s Choice, 19 S Broadway, Frostburg MD.

I also finished making repairs to an antique quilt that was originally made by DH’S grandmother.

This was a commission from a cousin and I hope it will bring some comfort to have it usable.

Oh and I made an apron (that’s the photo at the beginning of this post.

For June:

1) Finish quilting ORL

2) Finish border for A-mazing

3) Hand piece some more of Tea Leaves

4) Make some more collage pieces for the shop.


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