Superbowl 2019

This year I was not terribly interested in who was playing or what the outcome of the game would be. Although, as a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I probably would have preferred the Rams to win.

Since the only thing about the game that had any kind of entertainment potential was the commercials (let’s not even mention the half time show!), I decided to spend a good bit of time with Lucy (my sewchine in the sunroom)

I almost finished a small project, which is a gift, so I can’t show it yet. But it is turning out so adorable that I will hate to give it away!

I also started piecing my Sisters Nine Patch by Leader/Ending it while working on the above gift project.

Finally, before I gave up for the night, since I had to get up at a ridiculous time this morning, I made a few more leaves for the Tea Leaves project. This has been almost nine years in progress, with no end in sight!

All in all a productive evening.

Now I’m on the road with DH and I’m trying to keep occupied during this long day of driving – well, he’s driving, I just have to ride along and keep him awake!


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