Stash Reduction

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately about people making New Year resolutions to not buy any fabric. Some say “no new fabric all year!” Some say “no new fabric except backings or to finish a specific project.” Some say “no new fabric this month and maybe I’ll resolve again next month.”

Some have kept their resolution with no problem. Some have kept their resolution so far, but they are struggling with it. Some have already, happily broken their resolution and are waiting to try again next year.

I have made no such resolution! While I actually do agree with DH, that I have plenty of fabric – in fact, enough to last me about three lifetimes! – I’m not about to make any promises that I can’t keep!

Instead, I have made a bargain with myself. I will try really hard to use the fabric I currently own without buying any more than necessary. Necessary being a relative term, in this case! 😉

I am sure that DH’S definition of necessity is widely different than mine. But, depend upon it, I will be the one defining “necessary” when it comes right down to it!

I’m not sure how this will all turn out. I don’t have any shopping trips planned right now. And I’ve been steadfastly deleting any sales promotions that show up in my email. But I am very weak – almost no will power at all when it comes to pretty fabric.

I firmly believe there is a super, deep dark secret in the fabric manufacturing industry. They treat fabrics with a chemical that is incredibly addictive, making it almost impossible to resist purchasing fabrics!!

But I’m going to try! I’ll keep you posted.


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