Shenanigans at the Cabin

DH and I spent some time at the cabin this weekend. The DGC wanted to have a 4-wheeler ride. Friends and family met at the cabin with their various “buggies” and away they all went in search of mud.

And they found it!! My goodness, did they ever!!!

Most of the adults opted to clean off in the comfort of a warm shower, but the DGC and their friends decided that a quick dip in the pond would be the better option.


While everyone else was playing in the mud, I stayed behind, tended the fire and set up a dedicated sewing space. I’ve been thinking that it would be a good idea to carve out a niche for me to keep some supplies at the cabin as opposed to what I have been doing, which is carrying things back and forth every time we go.


I set up my tiny corner using the dresser that was already there and an old wooden ironing board to hold my machine and a pressing mat. More importantly, I’ve got two dedicated cabin projects stored in the green box behind the lamp. I’m going to leave them there so that the next time we go I know I will have a project to play with. There is a little machine project and a hand project. Of course, I forgot to take photos of each project while I was there – although you can see a hint of the hand project on the ironing mat at the left of the photo above. That is some of the vintage treasures I found in the red bag while I was in Florida. I wanted to play with some of those pieces, but I have so many other things that I need to finish first. But I thought that it would be okay to have it as a very occasional thing to do. That way I can play with it, but I’ll still be dedicating most of my time to my four “Get It Done” goals each month. Win – win!!!


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