Get It Done – May 2018

Get it Done

Wow! April just flew right on by, didn’t it!?! “They” say that the older you get the faster time goes by and I’m really beginning to understand that! Not that I want to admit that I’m getting older!!! But time sure does seem to move swiftly.

And here we are on the first of May – time to review how we did in April and set our goals for the coming month.

In April, my goals were:

  1. Set up work days to get the Hospice quilt finished to the flimsy stage. Not quite done – We had one very productive day and got all the units assembled into blocks. But I haven’t been able to schedule a second day to get the blocks into a top. 012
  2. Do the long arm quilting on my friend’s cousin’s quilt so that I can send that back to her. – Again, not quite. I’ve got it on the frame and I’ve started the quilting, but I haven’t got it finished.
  3. Continue cutting scraps into usable strips and squares. – DONE! Every time I look around the studio, I find more things that need to be trimmed and cut, but eventually I hope to get everything caught up and only have scraps from current projects to deal with!
  4. Make one Tea Leaves circle – I want to make some progress on this quilt since it’s been in the works for a number of years. This month I’m only going for one circle, but I may increase the amount in future months. – DONE! – I finished one circle! 043

I’m going to call it a 75% completion since I did half of goal #1, half of goal #2 and all of #3 and #4. And, if I add on extra credit for all that I’ve done on the modern experiment, I could say I’ve done 100%


I really love how this is looking!! I want to work on it all the time to get it finished!

For May, I’m going to work on the following:

  1. Finish MFCQ (my friend’s cousin’s quilt) AND get Hospice quilt to flimsy stage, so that it can go to the Senior Center ladies to do the quilting and binding.
  2. Finish modern experiment
  3. Cut scraps into usable strips and squares
  4. Make one Tea Leaves circle

Be sure to leave a comment and tell me how you’ve done with previous goals and/or what your goals for May will be.


One thought on “Get It Done – May 2018

  1. I have NO quilting goals … as you know. However I have one small sewing goal. One of my lanyards has started falling apart. Of course, it has to be the black one … the one that I use most often. I finally got to JoAnn’s and bought a piece of black denim. Now I just need to get the lanyard pieces cut and then sewed because I use it when I need a plain one. Some of my originals are too small for my new cell phone. Of course, in the time I have taken to write this, you would probably have a whole quilt done!!!


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