Progress on the Studio Clean up

The studio is showing a little (very little) bit of progress. I can actually see the top of the ironing board and the one small table that I use for cutting!! Oh, and I can see most of the floor, too!!

There is still quite a bit more that needs to be done – the dresser that I use for a large cutting table needs to be emptied out and reorganized. Also, it would be a good idea to clear off the top of the dresser so that I could actually use if for a cutting table!! Then there is the table that I keep Janome on – that surface needs cleaned off. Oh and there is the small washstand that has Lord-knows-what in it.

But I’m keeping after it all. Little by little, each day, I sort through some of the stuff and try to get it all organized. And every now and then, I spend a little time doing some actual sewing.

I’ve got about half of the On Ringo Lake blocks webbed together. And I’ve been making a whole lot more of the little green and neutral four patches to use in my fox quilt:

The four patches are what I am using as my Leader/Enders while webbing the ORL blocks. Yay! for multitasking and working on two quilts at once!!

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