ORL Clue #2 and a Few

Nothing like running a day late and a dollar short! I just realized this morning that Bonnie had posted her Monday link up on Sunday! In my defense, I was busy with a number of activities over the weekend and didn’t get on the computer until this morning. So I didn’t see her post on Saturday that told everyone about the change in linky days. Sort of my bad, but hey, I get a whole lot done when I don’t start down the internet rabbit hole!!

Saturday morning was the big sale at the LQS and I HAD to go!! No, seriously, I had to get the fabric for the next Hospice quilt while it was on sale! If some other fabric found its way into my shopping bag, I certainly couldn’t help that!! Ha!!

Then it was off to Mom’s for a short visit and to help her with a little project. She wanted to get all the photos from her birthday celebration in order. Once we got that done I might have stayed a little longer but there were other things on my list. So off I went to get a few more chores done. I’m happy to say that all SIX, yes SIX, Christmas trees are up and decorated. In the evening DH and I went to watch DGC#6 perform with her elementary school chorus.

On Sunday, between church, more decorating and trying to get some sewing done before the link up, which I thought was this morning, I didn’t have time to check anything on the internet.

I also didn’t have enough time to get all of Clue #2 finished.

I have all the pieces (and then some) cut, and quite a few units in various stages of assembly, but not too many that are finished. 😦

But I do have a fairly open week, so I might be able to finish them all before the next clue comes out. (Fingers crossed)

Click HERE to link with Bonnie’s linky party to see what all the On Ringo Lake projects look like.

Click HERE to link with Oh, Scrap! to see some more ORL and other scrappy projects.

Okay, now I’m going to insert a warning for all of the “On Ringo Lake” participants – I like to have a little fun trying to guess how the finished quilt will look. I’m usually always wrong about something because Bonnie is so creative and she’s very good at surprising us. But I like to guess. If you don’t want to guess and think that it would spoil the fun of the mystery, don’t read any further.

Now, for those that do like to try to figure out what the finished quilt will look like – here we go:

1) The finished size of the quilt is 75 x 90 (Bonnie told us that in the introduction) so that equals 6,750 square inches.
2) Clue #1 totaled 450 square inches – which would be approx. 6.5% of the finished quilt – At this point, I have no idea what we might be doing. There isn’t a way to divide the number of units that we had to make into an even number that makes sense to me. So, like any good detective, I’ll have to wait for another clue before I can try to deduce anything.
3) Clue #2 totaled 900 square inches – this is a little more than 13% of the finished quilt, which means we are approx. 19% complete. Clue #2 has 4x the amount of units as Clue #1, so there could be four unit 2 on each side of unit 1, which might make the beginning of a star block, like this:

But your guess is as good as mine right now!!


6 thoughts on “ORL Clue #2 and a Few

  1. I have to confess, the first few BH mysteries I participated in, it never occurred to me to try to guess how it would look! LOL! Seriously, I don’t read the end of the book early, either, so I guess I’m okay with complete surprise. But, as a mathematician, I approve your use of good math to help you make a logical assumption. GRIN.

    I found your blog through the link up…I’m IslandTimeQuilting.blogspot.com (but am using Instagram to link). It’s nice to meet you!


    1. Nice to meet you, too. I’m just having fun trying to guess. I’m usually never right but it’s fun to try different layouts. It inspires me for future quilts.


  2. Love that you are intentionally trying to guess the design! I’ve seen quite a few quilters who had laid out the first two block parts in such interesting ways that I may like theirs better than Bonnie’s. Keep up the detective work!


  3. Bonnie does put quite a few stars in her quilts which is one of the reasons I like her work so much. It’s fun to see what you come up with using your math skills. You get pretty darn close!


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