Thanksgiving Preparations 2

I still have some time before the big feast – mine is always held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Most of my extended family has to travel to get here and they all have Thanksgiving Day traditions for tomorrow. And my darling husband’s (DH) family traditionally did their fall butchering on the fourth Thursday of November, so we have not ever had a traditional meal on Thanksgiving Day. Saturday evening always worked better for me – the guys would be out hunting all day, leaving me to get things done in the kitchen with out interruption. And then they could come home to a big meal after being out in the cold all day. Perfect!

So, I’m still doing prep work to have the house in reasonably good order. Tomorrow I am planning on making the pies. DD is going to help me with that while we also watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Our traditional pies are pumpkin, cherry and grasshopper. I gather the grasshoppers in the summer and freeze them until I need them for Thanksgiving!

Sorry, inside joke!

I still haven’t finished the quilt that DH requested, even though I had every intention of getting it finished. I became derailed when the border units that I thought were overabundant turned out to be not quite enough.

How many out there have the same thing happen to them? You’re on a roll, you’re getting it done and then some small set back causes you to get totally stuck. I have to cut 10 more 1 1/2″ x 4? strips to make the last border piece fit and I have not been able to get that done!! I’ve been doing just about anything else but that. And I do mean anything – the bathrooms are sparklng, the floors have been vacuumed, I even DUSTED before I vacuumed!!!! And, because I haven’t finished the border, I haven’t been able to load it on the Fun Quilter and get it quilted before DH gets home from hunting camp.

But I still have today – how about if you all send some positive energy my way, that will cause me to stop compulsively cleaning and get the quilt finished!!! Thank you in advance!


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