More Fall Fun

We spent another weekend with family. Last weekend we were at the cabin, this weekend we went camping in “Big Mo”

DH and I arrived first and had settled in and put out the party deck. We were relaxing there when the kids arrived with their campers. The DGC immediately got out their bikes and started exploring all the paths. I made a big taco salad for supper. Then we all sat around the campfire, talking and trading stories for a few hours.

Saturday morning I made pancakes:

DS#2 made the eggs and bacon on his grill.

After breakfast we all went on either a bike ride or a hike. Since DH and I don’t have bikes, we chose hiking. We managed a 3 mile hike before my knee started protesting!

Then it was back to the campgrounds to fix supper. DS#1 and DDIL made chili. DS#2 made a roast and mac & cheese. I added vegetables and fruit to round out the meal.

Then I was voted “best grandmother in the world” when I brought out dessert – Snickers Salad.

The rest of the weekend was more of the same – sitting around the fire at night, telling stories about Sasquatch sightings (ha-ha), eating good food and spending time with our children and grandchildren.

And, lest you think I was neglecting my quilting, I managed to sew about a half dozen tea leaves! That’s 6 of the leaves, not 6 circles! But, hey, even a little quilting is better than none!


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