Get It Done – September 2017

Norman found a nest to curl up in. I think that he thought I was going to be sewing this – you know, because cats like to be right in your way when they settle down for a nap!?!

I’ve been having trouble loading all the photos I wanted to share, so I’ll get right into the post. For August this is what I wanted to get done:

1) Finish the Pink and Brown D9P that has been a flimsy since sometime in 2012. It’s time to get quilted and bound!! – DONE!! – I did an edge to edge flower pattern for the quilting.

2) I’d really like to have the Blue and Cheddar quilt finished, too. That’s pretty ambitious, but I’m going to really try!! – Almost! If I had had just a few more days all by myself, I might have finished this. As it is, I have the blocks all assembled into a quilt, but I still need to do some hand sewing on the back and then the binding.

3) Start work on a floral quilt that I promised myself I wanted to do. I actually did the cutting for it last week, but I’d like to have a fair start on the piecing by the end of this month. – DONE! I managed to sew all the snowball blocks and did all the sub-cutting of strips for the flowers.

4) Trim more scraps for the scrap user system (carefully worded so that even if I don’t do very much, I can still count this as done! 😉 – DONE!

Not too bad! I also managed to get some other small things done during August, so all in all I’m pleased with what I got done.

For September:
1) Get another flimsy quilted and bound.
2) Finish blue and cheddar quilt.
3) Trim scraps.
4) Assemble floral blocks.

Gotta get going – we’ve got a motorcycle ride planned as a last hurrah of summer.


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