Finished Hospice Quilt 2017

Last week I went to the local quilt shop to help one of my QFFs with a little project. Our mission was to pick out some Christmas fabrics for our quilt group block exchange. We sure had fun pulling fabric and seeing which ones worked together!

While we were there, I happened to notice, tucked away with a few other things, the corner of a quilt that I recognized. Yes indeedy, it was the Hospice quilt, all finished and ready to go on to it’s new home!!

This is Bonnie Hunter’s “En Provence” design (which she kindly gave us permission to use.) It was pieced by the Heritage Quilters of Western Maryland and quilted by the Ladies of the Grantsville Senior Center. It will be donated to Hospice of Garrett County.

This morning I tried to get some pictures out in the sunshine so that the colors would show better. In some of the previous photos, the magenta star points have looked more red. I’m hoping these photos will show a better representation of the magenta.

I have got to get a better way to display and photograph quilts!! I have no place to unfold and photograph a quilt, except my floor and that just doesn’t do it justice. I’m thinking that I need to get a quilt display stand similar to the one that our group has. Then I can set it up inside or out whenever I have a quilt that I want to get pictures of. Guess I’ll start looking on Amazon!!


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