Get it Done – May 2017

Another month already gone! The time is going by so fast. It’s a good thing that I set goals for myself or by the end of the year I wouldn’t have very much done at all. Knowing that I “need” to finish four things before the end of each month helps keep me on track. Because I really do want to finish all these quilts!

In April I set four reasonably easy goals for myself. I knew that April was going to be a busy month for us, so I didn’t want to push myself too hard. Here were the goals:

1) Supervise the Hospice quilt for our group. I’ve got the fabric purchased and the pattern ready. I just need to set a day to get started on this project. DONE – I did supervise the sewing days. We had two days that various ladies came here to sew. The top is almost completed – there are just a few long seams that need to be taken care of.

2) Have between 50 and 100 Blue and Cheddar blocks assembled. DONE – I have 61 blocks assembled, only 39 more to go!!

3) Trim scraps into usable sizes a la Bonnie Hunter’s scrap user system – this will be an ongoing project for some time – I have boxes and boxes of scraps!!! DONE – Like I said, this will be something that is going to take a few months, at least. So, I did trim up and sort one box of scraps even though I still have many more boxes to go through.

4) More progress on Hexies – DONE – I just sewed the last hexie flower this morning!!!! And there are approx. 25 flowers that need to be attached to the mothership and then I will be done with the Hexies!! But, never fear, there is another hand work project to get finished after this one!!

Another banner month with 100% completion again! High Fives all around!!! Not bad for a busy month! And it was busy – even busier than I thought it would be when I posted on the third. Not only did I have to get the taxes done on top of all the other usual work, but my brother-in-law decided to give us all a scare by falling off a ladder at work. He broke a number of bones and is in quite a bit of pain, but fortunately, is mending well. Things could have been so much worse and we are all thankful that he is going to be okay.

Moving on to my May goals. This month I’d like to accomplish:

1) Assemble the 39 other blocks for the Blue and Cheddar quilt.
2) Trim one more box of scraps – when I say one box, it is shoe box size. I have some scraps in large tubs – it will probably take more than one month to do one of those!!
3) Quilt one of the many flimsies that are patiently waiting to be a finished quilt. I can’t decide right now which one I want to finish, but I need to finish one!!
4) Get the last corner of the Hexie quilt finished!!

There you go, four new goals to accomplish this month! If anyone else is trying my Get it Done system, leave a comment and tell me how it is working for you.


2 thoughts on “Get it Done – May 2017

    1. Even one would be fine!! Anything that helps me make progress is worth trying! I go for four because there are four weeks in a month – so I’m actually trying to accomplish one goal per week. I know – I’m crazy! But if I don’t set any goals then I always seem to procrastinate. At least with the goals there is something that nudges me to get up and DO something!!


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