Get it Done – December 2016


It’s the first day of the month, so that must mean it’s time to review the quilting goals.

For November I wanted to get done the following:

1) Make some more nine patches for Blue and Cheddar quilt. DONE – I’m getting close to having the 400 nine patches that I need.
2) Help Mom make another walker bag. DONE – On November 14 we spent the day sewing and got it finished.


3) Get one donation quilt finished. NOPE – I worked on it, but didn’t get it finished. “Sigh”
4) 10 more hexie flowers. DONE – This seems to keep going on and on, but I’m actually almost finished!!!

Well, that’s a 75% finish rate. Not too bad, considering all that went on in November. I don’t have any “extra credit” unless you count all the cutting of strips and semi-cleaning of the studio.

Looking forward to December, I am going to say that I am not going to get very much done, but I’ll list four goals and see what happens.

For December:
1) Keep up with the clues for the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, En Provence.
2) Make progress on a wall hanging – I’m hoping I can finish it to give as a Christmas gift, but realistically, it will probably not be finished by the 25th. If I can at least make some progress, I’ll be happy.
3) Finish red, white and blue donation quilt!!
4) 10 Hexie flowers



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