Very Quickly

Again, these bosses are so demanding!! They expect me to actually go into the office and do work in order for me to get a paycheck. What is up with that!?!

Anyway, before I go in today, I thought I’d post something real quick.


On Monday I had a sewing day with Mom. She made another walker pocket with fabrics for various holidays. That way she doesn’t need a different pocket for each one! Good Thinking!!!

As far as my own projects – I’ve been doing a lot of strip cutting. I’ve been needing 1 1/2″ strips of blue and neutral for the Blue and Cheddar Quilt. But I don’t want to cut just one strip from each of the (seems like) hundreds of fabrics. So I decided to cut multiple sizes of strips from each fabric. Then I’ll have all my shoe boxes full of pre-cut strips and I can pull them out whenever I need something quick to sew.

Look at the time – gotta run.


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