Some time ago, I had posted about getting DH’s grandmother’s treadle sewing machine. I still haven’t made the time to get it all oiled and polished. But at the same time that we got the treadle, we also were able to get one of the iron bed frames from the home place.


Here it is set up in the “kid’s room” upstairs. I scrubbed it clean and then spray painted a matte sealant on it. I have no idea how old the paint on the frame is, but I thought it best to seal it so that I don’t wind up with little flakes of lead paint everywhere. But I liked the old, battered look, so I didn’t want to strip it.

Now all that was needed was quilt for the new bed. Since it is a twin size mattress, I went through my quilts, looking for a twin size quilt. I don’t have too many extra twin size quilts – I’ve been making a lot of queen size quilts over the past few years. When searching, I found a few tops that were twin size – but they would require quilting and binding.

I’ll admit that I seriously thought about getting at least one of those quilts loaded on the frame and quilted – DH and I both wanted the bed “made” and it had to have a quilt. That should have been motivation enough.

But then I found a quilt folded up in the bottom of the closet. I had made it for DD quite a few years ago. A Grandmother’s Fan block in pinks and greens. It was a bit faded and the binding needed to be replaced. But it was a twin size quilt and it would be fine with the Shabby chic look of the bed.

But then “Dun, dun dun” (That is supposed to represent ominous music, when you discover something unpleasant!!) I opened up the quilt to spread it on the bed:



Well, that’s not going to work, is it!?!

I remember now why that quilt was in the closet – I thought I might mend the big holes that were in it. Maybe later, but for now, it is back in the closet.

Finally, we decided to just put a queen size quilt on the bed. And you know what, it works very well. With a twin size there would not be as much drape and I would need some kind of bed skirt. With the extra drape, I don’t feel the need to get a skirt. Win – Win!!!


Some time in the future, I will finish those twin size quilts and then I may have to make a bed skirt for this bed. But for now I am happy with the improvisation.


One thought on “Improvisation

  1. I meant to tell you how much I loved that bed! It has a great shabby chic look and that quilt is perfect! Another win for Cheryl at Peace House!!


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