Last Weekend Fun – Part One

Life moves fast

This past weekend was hot and humid, but we still managed to have some quilty fun. On Friday, QFF Barb made a day trip down to spend a little time getting projects closer to finished. (Boss #2 had switched days, so I was able to be home.)

Barb is in the last stretch finishing her daughter’s quilt. She was piecing the borders and got three out of the four sections finished. Yay!!! She did very well with her “controlled randomness” and they look great. Sorry, I can’t post photos, since she hasn’t gifted it yet.

I started gathering and cutting for a new project. Yes, I know, ANOTHER project!!!! But I’ve finished Allietare and the Waiting Room quilt. If I’ve finished two, I should be able to start one, right!?! Sounds good to me!

Four by Nine

This is a block pattern from Bonnie’s column in Quiltmaker magazine, called Four by Nine. I’m just calling it the Blue and Cheddar quilt. I’ve got one block assembled. I’ll need 99 more blocks to have an approx. 90″ square quilt, so this will probably be in the works for a while.

I’ll share more of the weekend fun later.


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