It’s Like Christmas!

It’s amazing what things I am finding when I sort through these boxes of scraps.

There has been some poly/cotton fabric that I have sent to the Happy Quilt Shop in the Sky. If it had been something sentimental, I would have kept it. But it was just fabric I bought way back in the day before I knew any better. And it was stiff feeling and/or frayed horribly. Goodbye!

But I’ve also been finding happy surprises. In a brown paper bag in one of the bigger boxes I found this.


A gift from Bev – thank you, again! This is vintage fabric from possibly the 30’s or 40’s. The Pinwheel blocks are hand sewn with really large stitches. Maybe a young girl started these blocks.

I started pressing this jumbled pile of fun and discovered that factory remnants have been around for a long time.


At least, I think that these were from a clothing factory. All the pieces have the same curve, as if they were all cut at once. I’m thinking there were quite a few blue plaid shirts and this is part of what was left after they were cut.

I have to get some work done today and I want to continue finding more fun surprises.


One thought on “It’s Like Christmas!

  1. I’ve kind of gotten behind on reading your blogs, so this morning I decided to get caught up. Oh my, you have done so much quilting … and also more Spring cleaning than I have done. Let’s be sure to get together sometime soon and do our Morgantown visit. Love Ya!!!


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