Healing and Spring Cleaning

Thank you

Thank you to all the well wishers! I didn’t cut so far into my finger that I needed stitches, just the bandage that I showed in my previous post. But it’s a large enough cut that I am not taking any chances, so I change the bandage each day and use anti bacterial ointment every day. I also try real hard to keep it dry, so my skin doesn’t swell up and pull apart. I’ve been surprised at how much I use my left index finger – you would think it wouldn’t be that much since I’m right handed, but you would be wrong!

Also, I didn’t bleed on my fabric, so no quilts were harmed during this “ordeal”. And I have learned the very important lesson to slow down and pay attention to what I am doing! I have been managing a little bit of sewing and I even “got back up on the horse” and cut some more fabric, so all is good right now.

But my main focus is the ongoing “Spring Cleaning Project”

House Cleaning fun

So far, I’ve managed to get the guest quarters finished – that’s the entire upper story of the house!! DH finished all his work up there over the weekend, so I was able to get everything done on Monday.

Yesterday, I finished the sun room, except for the windows. I think we’re going to have some cloudy weather later this week, so I’ll do windows then, as long as it isn’t raining or really cold! Today I’m going to be working in the living room. Then I have work on Thursday and Friday, so I won’t be doing much more Spring Cleaning this week. Although there is always the day to day stuff! Yuck!


Do Unto Others

One thought on “Healing and Spring Cleaning

  1. Take care with that cut! Tetanus shot up to date? I have ignored my house all throughout March while I have been sick with bronchitis and I need a team of maids to come in and whip it into shape. Barely keeping up with the laundry, toilets and kitchen, but as I am recovering, I have started to “notice” the dust and the floors that need attention. Good luck with finishing up.


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