How’s the Spring Cleaning Going?

Cleaning Lady

Well, I haven’t really started on the “Spring” cleaning. Right now I’m just trying to get all the “regular” cleaning done.

This is not being made easy by DH. But I’m really not complaining. He’s been on a roll, getting little jobs around the house taken care of. After he finished the pantry, he started installing a backsplash on the kitchen walls. Now he’s working on the upstairs guests rooms. When the house was built, the gable walls were not framed out; the 2 X 4’s were set flat in the wall. This was well before there were any such things as building codes or inspections in this area!! It meant that there was not a lot of insulation in those walls. So DH framed them out, added insulation and then finished the walls with tongue and groove pine. And then he finally trimmed out the windows that he had replaced two years ago. It looks fantastic – I’ll have to take pictures when he’s completely done and the mess is cleaned up.

He’s also giving the guests rooms a coat of fresh paint. I’m not used to having my handyman husband getting so much done around here all at one time!! He’s usually been too busy doing work for other people and you know the old adage, “The shoemaker’s children go barefoot!” But he’s been being more selective with the jobs he takes and it is giving him more free time, which is kind-of nice. He says he’s easing his way into retirement!

Anyway, once he is done with all the improvements upstairs, I’ll be able to go in after him and give those rooms a good Spring cleaning. I’m starting at the top and working my way down. Also, since those rooms aren’t lived in, they’ll stay reasonably clean after I’m done!! Meanwhile, I’m trying to keep up with daily chaos plus sorting out little bits here and there whenever I get a chance.

I saw this on-line and wondered if I could get Norman to help with some of the work around here:

Cat Mop

Any thoughts!?! 😆


Mrs Bobbins

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