The Ritual of Spring Cleaning


I’m not sure what causes me to go into a cleaning frenzy at this time of year. Maybe it’s because everything is so pleasant outside and I want the house to be fresh and clean inside. Maybe it’s because when I first moved to this area as a young bride, spring cleaning was a big topic of conversation, comparing how far along we were with the cleaning. I think this has gone the way of the dinosaurs now – I haven’t compared notes on my progress with anyone in a long time!

But I think what really causes the cleaning fits is my genetic disposition. I come from a long line of Pennsylvania Germans (or Dutch, as some refer to them) on my father’s side of the family. And, in case you didn’t know, I’ll quote from an old book from Mildred Jordan called “The Distelfink Country of the Pennsylvania Dutch”

“One of the Dutchman’s most dominant traits is his (her) love of cleanliness and order”

Somewhere in my genes is the need to get everything scrubbed and polished. Of course, it is buried down deep, because I actually hate to clean!!

spring cleaning

I think you all know by now that if I could spend the entire day sewing, I would consider it heaven. But still, I can’t ignore the dust bunnies that have been building up all winter and are threatening to take over. So, even though I’d rather be doing just about anything else, I am compelled to get out the cleaning equipment and start “de housebutz gichtera” – the housecleaning convulsions!!


Dust if you must

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