Allietare Clue #4

I’ve slipped behind a little bit with this clue. There was just no chance of doing a lot of sewing this weekend. Friday was working for Boss #2. Then DH and I went shopping for one final gift. Yay! the Christmas shopping is finished!!!

Saturday was DS#3’s birthday! How in the world has he managed to get that old when I haven’t aged a bit!?!

To my Son

He had requested a cherry pie for his birthday, so guess what I got to do? While the oven was on, I also managed to do some Christmas cookie baking.

Early Sunday morning, I managed to get a little bit of sewing done. The headless geese units are almost all sewn. I still have not put the two together to make the actual finished unit.


We went to church with DS#1 and his family. I’ll just say that it was an entirely different experience from our church. That is not to say that it was bad – just very different. I understand why they like it so much.

After church DH and I came home and tried to get a few things done around here before the evening service. Our church has a Candlelight Service on the Sunday before Christmas. As an addition to the Candlelight Service we set out approximately 2,000 luminaries on both sides of the road leading to the church. It’s a beautiful sight. A few weeks ago there was something floating around on Facebook about things to see in WV and our luminaries made #7 on the list.


By the time the evening service was over and we were back home again, there was no chance of getting any sewing done unless I could do it in my sleep!!!!

I’m hoping I’ll be able to get caught up over the next few days. But I’m wondering what Bonnie is going to do about clue #5. Will she actually release it on Friday morning (Christmas day)? Or will she take a break this week and wait until the following Friday (New Year Day)? Whatever she does, I’ll be waiting anxiously to see.

Now, once again, I’ll warn you to stop reading if you don’t want to share in the guesses about what Allietare might turn out to be.

According to my calculations we are approximately 65% done (once we finish clue #4). If I am correct about the layout and the borders it will mean that 25% of the quilt will be in the borders and another 10% will go into the centers of the blocks. Which means we are getting close to the final clue, when we’ll get to see how it is all put together. I still have no conjecture about the centers. They could be solid squares or pieced and there could be 2 separate designs ( 1 design for Block A and 1 design for Block B) We’ll just have to wait and see.

I took some time to lay out the pieces in what I think the two blocks and a setting triangle might look like:


I know my colors aren’t real exciting but I was going for a masculine camo type look. I like how it is turning out. But some of the other Allietare designs are just gorgeous with all the bright colors and higher contrast. Click HERE to go see.


Magic of Christmas

7 thoughts on “Allietare Clue #4

  1. Love the luminaries to your church. Beautiful!

    On another blog I read that Bonnie will release the next clue the day after Christmas. I don’t know where that info came from though.

    I like your “camo” colours, and your guesses about the layout.


  2. Yes, I remember it was Bonnie herself that said (maybe during last quiltcam?) she would publish next release on Saturday, 26. There are still many units left to do, like the block centers (pinwheels?), setting triangles and borders, Maybe the reveal won’t be on New Year this time.


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