The Fun of a Mystery

It’s Monday Morning Link Up with Bonnie’s blog to share our progress on the Allietare Mystery quilt. Click HERE to go to her blog and see what every one else is doing.

I didn’t expect to have much progress, but (surprise, surprise) I managed to get all of clue #2 finished!

Can I get a “Woot! Woot!”?


The main reason why I was able to get it done was because my two QFFs managed to get away for a weekend and we were able to sew for two entire days! Bev and Barb were working on “top secret” projects for Christmas so I’m not posting any pictures. They said they didn’t think that the gift recipients would be checking out my blog, but you never know, stranger things have happened!!

I also managed to get the gift quilt to the flimsy stage:


I decided that the three x three arrangement was just too small, so I added extra blocks to make it 4 X 4. I’m much happier with that arrangement. I can’t wait to get this finished so that I can send it on to the recipient. I really like it.

Now let’s get to talking more about the mystery. I love a good mystery, don’t you!?! Whenever I read a mystery novel I have to keep track of the clues and try to figure out “whodunnit” before I get to the end of the novel. So many times the clues seem to point to one suspect, but then later clues point somewhere else. And at the end there’s a great big “Ah-Ha!” when you find out who the real culprit was!!

So, of course, when I’m putting together the clues for Allietare, I have to speculate about what the final outcome will be. I’m only guessing and the final reveal will surprise me just like everyone else. But, if you don’t like to guess about the mystery, read no further because I’ve been “puzzling and puzzling til my puzzler is sore” and I have to share it somewhere!!

Clue #1 didn’t reveal too much – it was 8% of the finished top, according to the size that Bonnie specified in the introduction. The total number of HST that we had to make was divisible evenly by 49 which could have been a 7 x 7 layout of blocks. But the quilt is not square, it’s rectangular, so that led me to believe that the HST might not be used in the blocks or at least only a portion will be used in blocks and the rest in a border. I’ll just keep that in the back of my mind for now.

Clue #2 helped a little more – the total amount of the finished top is up to 24% (clue 1 + clue 2) so we are already a quarter of the way through!! It took quite a while for me to finally figure out what I think this clue reveals. I was resistant to the idea of an on-point setting, simply because I thought that it would have to be square if it was on-point. When I finally wrapped my head around the fact that even with an on-point setting you can make a rectangular quilt something clicked. The 20 sets of 4 units that we had to make will, I assume, be part of 20 blocks. And those blocks will possibly be 10″ square. If you arrange 20 – 10″ blocks with 16 – 10″ alternate blocks (and attendant setting triangles) you have a quilt top that measures 56 x 70. Then if you add extra wide, 13″ borders all around the quilt will measure 82 x 96! By George, I think I’m onto something!

Or I could be way off – it will be exciting to see where we go from here!


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5 thoughts on “The Fun of a Mystery

  1. I like your “headless geese” pieces. Thanks for such a wonderful time this weekend. We always get more done when working together (and avoiding household chores), than we each manage alone. So far no questions asked about what was accomplished, so the secret is safe.


  2. Interesting to see someone else trying to puzzle out the layout of the quilt. I do that a bit, too, although not to the same extent you have.

    That gift quilt is lovely!


  3. Love your spoiler alert. I just let the quilt unfold as it does. Funny to see all the guesses and then what it turns out to be..I love your logic and reasoning to figure it out! 🙂


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