On the Sticks

I haven’t been able to get much quilting done lately. One reason is because I’ve been busy with work. Another reason is because I’ve been doing things with Mom. Another reason is I have been doing some fun things with family. And one other reason is because I felt like doing some knitting instead of quilting.

Since I can knit without using too much mental effort, it is very relaxing for me. Mostly I’ve been making dishcloths. But last night I started a new pattern for a hat. Here is what I’ve got done so far:


I love the color of the yarn and I think the pattern is pretty cute. It is supposed  to fit loosely on my head AND cover my ears. I really want a hat that will cover my ears for when I’m out in cold weather (which is creeping up on us!) So this should do the trick!

In other news, I will be moving Mom back into her cottage today. Her PT has been going very well, according to the nurses. I know she’ll be very happy to be back home!

The next two days are going to be busy working for bosses 2 & 3. Then DH is planning a weekend getaway to celebrate my “mumble- mumble, actual amount of years is unclear. 😉 ” birthday.



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