I’m Famous!!

Being the “Bonniac” that I am (that’s a Bonnie Hunter Maniac, BTW), I watched Quilt Cam last night on Bonnie’s blog. She often reads comments and answers questions during the course of the session. She talked to me this time – she read my comment at the 15:28 mark.

Does this qualify as part of my fifteen minutes of fame!?!

I’ve got a lot of things to do before I leave here on Friday to go to the classes. Besides working for Bosses #2 and 3, I have to get the house straightened up a little and, even more importantly, I need to get fabric cut and all my supplies packed. I plan on leaving for Bedford right after working for Boss #3, so I need to have everything ready by Friday morning. Ack!!! I better get on the ball.


Everything is alright

One thought on “I’m Famous!!

  1. I had to watch Bonnie from the beginning to the 15.28 point to get to listen to what she said to you. Didn’t know how to skip ahead. And, of course, I didn’t know much about what she was talking about … not being an experienced quilter like you. What is a “leader-ender”? I sure hope you and Barb have lots of fun.


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