This is One Way to do it

Yesterday, when I wrote about all the projects that need to be finished around here, I was determined to come up with a solution. How am I going to get these projects finished, so that I can start more projects without feeling guilty about the huge stack of projects!?!

Each morning I try to spend time sewing before DH gets up. He sleeps in a little later than me (I am a ridiculously early bird!!!) Periodically through the day, I will relax for short breaks with a little sewing. And in the evenings I usually try to get in some sewing time while he watches the idiot box.

Last night I managed about two hours of sewing because I sat down with my “good friend” Bonnie Hunter while she had Quilt Cam.


I sewed almost all of the lozenge units into pairs while I listened to Bonnie talk. It was almost like having a mini retreat here at Peace House.

I’d really like to get these lozenges sewn together – too bad I have bosses that expect me to work. I need to get as much done as I can this evening, because I have to go to the office tomorrow.


No one heals themselves

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