Hooray for Progress

I didn’t get to have a mini quilt retreat this weekend. 😥

None of we three Amigas could fit time into our schedules to get together. :sigh:

But I did manage to get some sewing done! I told DH that the only way to maintain peace in the household is if I was able to sew! He appeared to agree with me, since he stayed in and watched TV through his eyelids for most of the weekend.

I had some necessary office work that I needed to do first. After that was all wrapped up, I sat down at the machine and concentrated on getting the borders finished on Tumalo Trails.


This one is all ready for quilting. It is the one that I am giving away. Sorry for the terrible photo – the weather has been wet and miserable, so I didn’t have good sunlight. The other Tumalo Trails that is for me is almost ready for quilting. The inner border is on and I’ve almost got all the outer border pieced and ready to attach.

I was also able to put the final border on the Round Robin that I got at the June meeting. We will be turning these in for the last time at the July meeting. Then we will have the final reveal. I can hardly wait to see what’s been done with my piece and how all the other’s have turned out. And then, finally, after that meeting I can post photos of the work I did for this challenge.


life is like a camera

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