Making Decisions

Not the easiest thing to do, but I have a few that I need to make. I’m talking quilt decisions here, not “what should I fix for supper” decisions!! I’ll make whatever seems like a good idea at the time and then DH has a decision to make – Take it or Leave it!!!

Anyway, back to the quilt decisions. I’m not even sure I know where to start. I guess first would be how do I choose between going to the studio and sewing 🙂 OR keeping peace in the household and cleaning 😥 ? I really get torn on this one a lot of times. If it were just me living in the house, I’d probably end up on a show like Hoarders, since I’d choose sewing all the time!! And my sewing “stuff” would take over the entire house – I’d have a machine set up in every room with supplies for different projects spread everywhere!! Okay, maybe I exaggerate a little bit. I do like to have a clean house even though I hate to actually clean. So I’d probably try to keep the chaos to a minimum.

silly question

But I share my living quarters with DH – someone who’s standard of housekeeping dates back to the 1950’s, when wifey kept everything perfectly spotless and treated hubby like a king! Okay, maybe I’m not exaggerating enough!! Seriously, where did he get these outdated ideas!?! I keep encouraging him to join us all in the modern world, cause I ain’t no June Cleaver!!! It’s because of him that I have to make the decision to get out of the studio and give the rest of the house a “lick and a promise” cleaning everyday.

Another quilting decision that I struggle with is – what should I play with today!?! There are so many projects that I’ve started or that I want to start. For instance, I’ve been trying to straighten up the studio, because I have no room to actually sew with all the stuff that is spread out on every available surface. As I am cleaning up and putting away, I keep finding UFOs. This morning I found a box with a number of orphan blocks and a project that I had almost forgot about.

Here’s where I would insert a picture of the box I found, but the internet keeps giving me an error message when I try to load it! 👿

The project has little nine patch blocks that alternate with little hourglass blocks. When I found it I couldn’t remember why I had put it aside. I had a large amount of blocks already made and it would be cute. But then I realized that the blocks were slightly different sizes – this was started more years ago than I care to mention and before I knew how to make my seams just right! (Actually, I still have problems with seams, even though I know how to make them right!!) So, now I have to make a decision about this project – should I get rid of these wonky blocks and start over from scratch or do I trim down everything to the lowest common denominator and assemble it willy-nilly? If I trim down there are going to be points trimmed off and odd sized nine patches. Here are two pieces that I sewed together years ago and you can see that they came out different sizes:


I’m sorry, I have to stop now. I can’t even keep my train of thought through all the problems I’m having with my connection. I’ve been working on this post since 8:30 am. It is now 11:37 am. I can’t get photos to load. I need the photos to illustrate my decision problems. So I’ve decided that I am going to go do something else right now (I’ll have to decide what, after I wrap this up!!)


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