Camping, Cats and Quilts

On this last camping trip we tried something new. We decided to take Norman with us to see if he would like to go camping. I have to say, he didn’t do too badly. We kept him in a carrier in the back seat of the truck while we were travelling. For the most part, he decided that was a good time to catch up on his beauty sleep. He was not happy when we would both get out of the truck and leave him in there (when DH was fueling up the truck and I was using the rest room) DH said he (Norman) cried pretty loudly at that time.

But we were able to take him into the camper for a little stretch and his own potty break (the litter box was in the cargo area of the toy hauler.) He only balked a little at getting back into the carrier for the rest of the trip.

The only problem we had while travelling, is that we started in the evening after working hard all day to have everything ready. Then we were both awake with DH driving and me navigating. We stopped at a rest area after a few hours to get a few “Z”s, but Norman had slept all of that time, so he was wide awake. It took a while for us to get some shut eye, since Norman kept prowling around and checking on us. He finally settled down for some more beauty rest and we could get some sleep.

Once we were set up at the campgrounds he had the full run of the camper, and I also have a leash for him, so that he could explore outside.

Most of the time, he did what cats do – Sleep!!:


The rest of the time he liked looking out the windows. There were a lot of ducks at the campground that we stayed at and they had no fear of humans, so they were always wandering around:


I don’t know if you can see in the photo – but there is a momma duck and her ducklings walking right by the patio on our campsite. Norman was very alert and his tail was whipping around double time!! One time the ducks came by when I had Norman on the leash. I kept tight hold of him then, since I didn’t want him trying to pounce on the ducks!

In spare moments, when we weren’t sight seeing, watching the cat watching ducks or some other activity, I managed to use my temporary sewing space to get the blocks all together on one of the Tumalo Trails quilts. Since I have no design wall in the camper, I needed to lay it out in the grass to take pictures of my work:


DH wants to plan another trip in the summer or early fall and I hope that he has my camper studio ready by then. For this trip, he used a folding table and a camp chair, but he says he intends to install a counter across the length of the cargo area. It will be hinged so that when we are travelling it can be dropped down to make room for the motorcycle and other “stuff” that we take with us. But once we set up camp, the bike comes out of the cargo area, I can pull up the counter and get my “studio” set up. And I’ll need a better chair. The camp chair worked, but it wasn’t the greatest. I’ll have to put on my thinking cap and figure out what would be the best option.

I’m linking with Quilt Story today for Fabric Tuesday. Click HERE to see some really cute projects.


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