Happy Monday!!

Typically, this is what it feels like to wake up on a Monday:

Monday again

But today, I do not have to be at work for any of my bosses!! So I feel kind of like this:

that look

And I spent a fair amount of time sewing this past weekend, so I’m feeling really good!!

Now that it is finally Spring, and the weather is actually feeling like Spring, DH and I have started thinking about doing some camping trips this summer. We spent the weekend getting the fifth wheel all cleaned and ready. He surprised me by asking, (and I quote) “How much space would you need to be able to sew in the camper?”

Once I regained my senses, because, obviously if he was voluntarily asking me about sewing, something was seriously wrong!!! Had his body been invaded by aliens!?! Was he on drugs!?! I still don’t know!!

My momma didn’t raise a fool!!! No matter what was going on with him, I was going to take advantage of it!!! I told him just what I would need to be able to piece quilts while camping!!

So he is planning a space where I will be able to set up Helen and all her little friends (cutting mat, rotary cutter, pressing mat and iron, to name a few). For this weekend, he arranged a temporary set up, so that I could try it out:


Right now it’s just a small folding table and a camp chair, but he tells me he’s going to install a counter that can drop down when we travel. And I can have a better chair, too. But, as you can see, I was able to manage fairly well. I’ve started the sashing for Tumalo Trails and I’ve also started the addition to the Round Robin block that I received at our last meeting. I would have liked to have done more, but it’s a very good start. Now I need to make a checklist of the supplies I’ll need when we are traveling. I have to be reasonable and can’t bring too much, but I also need to have enough to keep me occupied. Using the temporary set-up was an excellent idea, since it helped me start to figure out what was necessary.

Okay, since I don’t have to work for any bosses today, I’m going to try to have a little fun (and you know what that means – more sewing!!)



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