My trip to the Dentist

I found this clip of Bill Cosby describing a visit to the dentist. And, with all due respect to Dr. Dave, this is pretty darn close to what I experienced yesterday!!

Well, there isn’t a little toilet bowl anymore, they just squirt water in your mouth and then suck it out with the vacuum. So I didn’t have a long string of spit and I didn’t have to rinse my mouth and dribble it all down my front. But the shot – oh yeah. The numb face – yes indeedy. And trying to talk to me – dentists must take a special class to interpret what people are saying when there are tools, gauze and hands in their mouths!!!

Anyway, I’m done with the dentist for now, so I can get back to more interesting things to do. For instance, today I get to clean house, take care of office work, cook supper and maybe, just maybe, fit in a bit of sewing!!


Words true and kind

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