My Goodness it’s Monday Again!

The days are just zipping past! I thought I’d accomplish a whole lot over the weekend and now the weekend is over.

I did manage to get one thing done that I wanted to finish, but I don’t have a photo of it yet. I did a “Jelly Roll Race” to make a lap quilt for someone. I actually started cutting strips on Wednesday last week. On Thursday, I started sewing the strips end to end. And then, on Saturday I raced along sewing the strips into a flimsy. Once the flimsy was done I layered and quilted it on my Janome, since I already have one quilt on the frame of the Fun Quilter. Sunday morning, I woke up early and sewed the binding on it. I’m really happy with the way it turned out and I hope the recipient will like it (I’ll let you know, once I hand it over!!)

But I had really hoped to get all the Tumalo Trail blocks done, also and that didn’t happen. DH and I and DS#3 and his girlfriend spent Sunday afternoon at the cabin. So I didn’t get any sewing done on Sunday. Now, here it is Monday, and I have to get a lot of things taken care of this week, that were neglected last week while I was doing taxes. Ugh!

I never did post pictures of our Easter get together, so here they are:



purpose of life

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