Back to the Grindstone

Okay, I’m really sorry that I’ve been missing in action for the past few weeks. DH and I went on a little vacation, which was really nice, but then we came home to a lot of work that needed to be done. DH had a huge project come up suddenly, so he’s been working 12 hour days. And I have a lot of office work with both bosses that needs to be caught up.

But I’m back in action and can keep in touch with you all again!!

And I am REALLY happy to tell you about something that happened on Friday!!! First a little bit of back story:

Sometime last year my aunt on my father’s side of the family had been visiting with me and mentioned that she had her mother’s sewing machine. I was surprised by that, because I never knew that my grandmother sewed. As far back as I can remember, she knit. She taught me to knit when I was about six years old. Anyway, my aunt said that she would pass the sewing machine on to me, since she never used it and (obviously) I do a lot of sewing.

Well, I was very happy to think that I would have the sewing machine that my grandmother used. But one thing led to another and we never connected to make the exchange.

Then, this past Friday, March 27, 2015, the sewing machine arrived!! And this is what I saw:



Is that really a white Featherweight!?! Am I, like, the luckiest girl in the world!?! Some one pinch me, I might be dreaming!!

She is the most beautiful machine in nearly pristine condition. I cleaned out a very small amount of lint, gave her a healthy dose of oil and tried her out.

She purrs!! She glides through fabric like a hot knife through butter!!

I’m in heaven!!

Her name is Helen, after my grandmother. Here’s a photo of that sweet woman:


Since I really can’t focus on anything else but how cool it is that I have a white Featherweight, I guess I’ll end here. Besides, I have to buckle down and get all the office work done, so that I can then concentrate on getting ready for Easter dinner!


Row of Trees in Meadows, Mountain Range in Background. November Mood.

6 thoughts on “Back to the Grindstone

  1. Wow Cheryl, the machine is beautiful! I am very happy for you! Your ant looks very sweet, what a wonderful way to remember her!


  2. Why can’t I have relatives that used such cool machines? I’m soooo jealous. Congrats on giving “Helen” a new exciting life making quilts!


  3. Wow … I didn’t know that Aunt Kay had the sewing machine that originally belonged to Grandmom Helen. What a wonderful surprise. I am assuming that it must be one of the best Singer sewing machines. Do have fun with it. I hope that AK reads your blog so that she can see how happy you are to have it.


  4. yes I read Cheryl’s blog. Happy to know I couldn’t have given it to a better person who will give it the loving care it needs. Cheryl so glad it purrs like a kitten. Grandma is pleased you now have it!


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