One Month Finished

The time just seems to be flying by. It’s the beginning of February already, which means it’s time to review my monthly goals.

So here was what I wanted to accomplish in January:

1) Finish piecing the Grand Illusion mystery quilt into a flimsy. – I’m well on my way with this one and, hopefully, this weekend I’ll be able to make an even bigger dent in it. – Almost. I still haven’t put the borders on it, since I had problems with the sawtooth border going all wonky on me. But it’s close to being finished.


2) Put one of my Christmas presents into use. – I got “Leader Grips” for the Fun Quilter!!! Now I need to sew casings onto the canvas leaders to insert the rods and then get them onto the poles. This is going to speed up the quilting process a good bit!!! – DONE! The Leader Grips are installed on the frame and I’ve got a backing loaded. Now I just need to finish Grand Illusion and I’ll be able to try quilting with the grips.

3) Bind the Bird quilt – it’s the middle quilt in this photo. – DONE! The binding is on and the quilt is folded at the end of my bed right now. Norman has decided this is a great place to sleep, so it is getting a layer of cat hair!


4) Hand sew 10 more flowers. I have two hand sewing projects – a red and neutral hexie and the 30’s print Tea Leaves. I’d like to get them finished, so I’m going to try to get 10 “flowers” done each month. – DONE!! I made 10 more hexie flowers and attached them to the “mother ship” as Bonnie would say.

Three out of four goals achieved is not too shabby. I’m happy with that.

Now for February goals:

1) Finish and quilt Grand Illusion. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!
2) Piece Hospice quilt – I did press the fabrics in preparation for cutting AND this is a project that I’ll be getting help with (I hope!!) so I think it will be very doable.


3) Make the center block for our Round Robin challenge. I started it a couple weeks ago and if I keep up with it, I should have it done in time for the March meeting. DH either really likes it or has learned to say “Oh, I really like that.” in order to preserve the peace whenever I show him the progress on it!!!
4) Make 10 more flowers – either hexies or the Tea Leaves.

I’m also going to try to go through boxes in the studio – not all of them in one month, but as a year-long goal. When we made the move over to Peace House a lot of boxes got stashed in whatever nook or cranny they would fit in. I seriously meant to go through every box before it was moved or, at least, before it was put away in Peace House – but that did not work the way I intended. Now I have a lot of boxes that still have stuff in them that probably could be eliminated in one way or another (trash or pass it on to someone that might use it!) And, while I do have plenty of room here at Peace House, I still do not want the stash to get so out of hand. I’m very keen on minimizing and making life a little easier on myself. Also, once in a while, I just can’t find something that I’m pretty sure I have. And I hate the aggravation of looking all over the house to try and find it. Right now I am looking for a book and cannot find it anywhere. It is here – I would not have gotten rid of it and I didn’t loan it to anyone. So where is it!?! I’ve looked in all the usual places, so now I have to start looking in unusual places. But one benefit is, while I was looking, I’ve been organizing my book shelves a little better. So all of the cookbooks are in one place and all of the quilting books are together, etc. etc. etc. And the bookshelves are looking a little tidier. Yay!!

I’m linking with Quiltville to see how some other Grand Illusion quilts turned out. Click HERE


Sit for a month

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