Another Happy Dance


Over the weekend I was able to get the old leaders off and the new leaders with the leader grip rods in their casings, onto the long arm frame!!! Then I loaded a backing – Oh My Goodness! I think I’m in love! It took me all of eight minutes to get the backing loaded and I didn’t stick myself with one single pin!!! (That would be because I didn’t need to use pins with the Leader Grip system.)

Since I float my batting and top when I do the quilting, I’m ready to go.

This backing is what I am using for the Grand Illusion mystery quilt, which still needs to get some borders sewn on. So, I better get on the ball with that. As soon as I get the borders on, I can get it loaded on the Fun Quilter and get the quilting done!!

DH did real good this year with his Christmas shopping!! Of course, I don’t know if he realizes what he’s done, cause now I’m going to want to do MORE quilting, since loading the quilts is so much easier!

I don’t have a photo yet, but I also finished the “Bird” quilt. All I needed to do was sew the binding on and I got that done yesterday afternoon. My goal is to have multiple quilts for my bed, so that I can switch them out for the seasons. Keeping the same quilt on the bed all the time leads to faded fabrics and wear and tear. I figure my quilts will last longer if I don’t keep them in continuous use. So the “Bird” quilt will be for Spring, The one that’s on my bed now will be for Summer, Grand Illusion will be for Fall and then I need to finish one for Winter. Since I’ll be doing Bonnie’s “Carolina Christmas” this summer at a workshop, I think that will be the Winter quilt.

Well, I’m actually supposed to be working of the other boss today, so I better get to it!


Peace in your heart

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