Change in Today’s Plans

I was planning on going to the library today to join in the “Hand Craft” day. But then DH decided that we need to take care of some other things. So I’m waiting for him to get back home so that “we” can take care of some things – one of which is renewing his driver’s license. Why I need to be there with him is a mystery, but that’s what I have to do.

Even more dreadful than having to go with him to run all his errands are the next works that he said:

I think I'm getting sick

Drat and double drat!!! I have things I want to accomplish this weekend and now I’m going to have a “sick” husband to deal with!

Please pray for me!


Life is too short

One thought on “Change in Today’s Plans

  1. Hope all goes well with DH. Hope you can keep yourself well through all of it! I didn’t go today either. Too much blowing snow and too cold! Take care



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