Get It Done 2015

One of my resolutions this year was to continue my “Get It Done” goals – 4 things that I want to accomplish each month. The guidelines for that would be that on the first day of the month, I’d review the past month to see if I met my goals and then list 4 more things for the next month.


Well, this is already the 6th of January and I have not listed my goals yet. (Way to go with the New Year’s Resolutions!!) But I’m going to fix that right now.

For January I hope to:

1) Finish piecing the Grand Illusion mystery quilt into a flimsy. – I’m well on my way with this one and, hopefully, this weekend I’ll be able to make an even bigger dent in it.

2) Put one of my Christmas presents into use. – I got “Leader Grips” for the Fun Quilter!!! Now I need to sew casings onto the canvas leaders to insert the rods and then get them onto the poles. This is going to speed up the quilting process a good bit!!!

3) Bind the Bird quilt – it’s the middle quilt in this photo.


4) Hand sew 10 more flowers. I have two hand sewing projects – a red and neutral hexie and the 30’s print Tea Leaves. I’d like to get them finished, so I’m going to try to get 10 “flowers” done each month.


Okay, those are the goals for this month. On the first of February, we’ll see how well I did with them.

Quilter Variations

In case anyone was wondering, I’ve made my decision on the Grand Illusion – No Frog Sewing!!! I’m going to keep it the way I’ve sewn it and it will be All Right!!


Love Sweet Love

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