Grand Illusion Clue #4

Wow! We’re already up to Clue #4! Well, at least some people are – I’m still trying to put together clue #2 units! I’ve fallen way behind on this mystery quilt. But it’s really okay – it isn’t a race and I’ll have plenty of time to finish things up after the holidays!

Even though I’m not up to speed on the mystery, I did manage to get this finished:

017018Blurred out names

Hallelujah!!! The purple beast is completely done!! Now I just need to wrap it (and about a hundred other things!) and I’ll be all ready for Christmas!

Back to the mystery – Just for fun, I did a little math and a little guessing and this is what I am thinking: Bonnie told us in the introduction that this quilt was going to measure 88″ x 88″ that gives us a total of 7744 square inches of quilt top.

If we combine the 100 clue #1 units and the 100 clue #2 units and some sort of center unit (25) we would have 25 – 12″ blocks, which would total 3600 square inches.

Then if we put together 2 of the clue #3 units, they would equal a 12″ x 3″ sashing unit that would go between all of the blocks. This would total 2160 square inches.

This is an idea of what we might have as a block:


Now, with clue #4 we made 80 units – I think they may be for a border (20 units per side of the quilt). Those units total 1280 square inches.

We still need some sort of cornerstones to go with the sashing (36 – 3″ squares, which would total 324 square inches) AND 4 cornerstones for the outer border (4 – 4″ squares = 64 square inches) AND an inner border strip which should be 1″ wide ( 2 strips – 1″ x 78″ and 2 strips – 1″ x 80″ for a total of 316 square inches)

If I’ve crunched the numbers correctly (3600 + 2160 + 1280 + 324 + 64 + 316) that should give a total of 7744 square inches!! Woo-hoo! I may be really off with my guessing, but I can’t wait to see what Bonnie has in store for us in the next couple weeks!!

Click HERE to go to Bonnie’s linky party and see what everyone else is up to with their Mystery Quilts.


Wonderful time

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