Window Cleaning Tutorial

Yesterday was going to be one of the last pleasant days of the season, so I decided that I better get the windows washed before the weather turned bad. Yes, I know, what in the world was I thinking!?! Well, as much as I would have liked to do just about anything else, I really wanted to get my windows cleaned.

cleaning windows

So here’s a tutorial, if anyone else just can’t stand to look out dirty windows. Warning – this is an old-fashioned way of cleaning requiring elbow grease. Don’t expect this to be an easy job!!!

Step 1 – get a bucket, two lint free cloths and whatever cleanser you prefer (I used water with a little ammonia and a squirt of dish soap)
Step 2 – use one cloth for wet and one for dry.
Step 3 – wring out wet cloth so that it is just damp and scrub your window. Put you back into it and get all the filth washed away.
Step 4 – use dry cloth to buff away all the moisture and streaks
Step 5 – repeat on both sides of glass on all the windows in your house!

There are two things that you need to keep in mind when you are cleaning windows.

1 – you want to do it when the weather is pleasant, but an overcast day would be better. You don’t want to have the sun shining on the glass while you are cleaning, because that will lead to streaks. If it is sunny, do what I did and work your way around the house starting on the west side in the morning, then the north, east and finally south in the evening. That way the sun should not be shining directly on the glass while you work.

2 – it’s always a good idea to have someone that will help. Fortunately for me, Norman volunteered 😉


Ha! Yes, I did wash windows. Yes, Norman was right with me all day. Yes, my tutorial is just a little joke (probably a poor one at that!)

On a quilting note, I was able to get to my quilt group meeting last night. Once again, our fearless leader brought in some stunning quilts that she had been working on. Once again, I didn’t have my camera with me to record what everyone was making. Thelma, Betty, and Norma all had some beauties, too. (I’m sorry if I’m forgetting anyone else)

Today is a dreary day and I have “clean up the studio” on my list of things to do. If I can’t actually sew, I can at least pet it while I straighten up in there!!


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One thought on “Window Cleaning Tutorial

  1. Cheryl, great minds think alike! I also washed windows and had a particularly stubborn one with lots of water spots….couldn’t get them off until I thought to use the glass stove top cleaner I had…spotless and shiny in a minute!


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