A Strange Turn of Events

I love quilting

Sometimes, just when you think you know exactly how things are going to go; when you think you can read someone just like a book; when you think there are no more surprises, sometimes all of that gets turned upside down!

Let me give a little back story first.

I have a wonderful husband – a hard working man that knows how to fix things, a man that cares deeply about his family, a man that is there for me in many ways. But there is one tiny thing that annoys me about this loving man.

He doesn’t really get the whole quilting “thing”!! I doubt very seriously that he would have any kind of tattoo like the above! I’m pretty sure that he has never even given voice to a statement like that! Actually, if he thinks about quilting at all, he thinks this is what I am doing:

money down the toilet

I’m the lady that has to smuggle fabric into the house at the bottom of the grocery bags, so that my darling husband doesn’t know about it. I never reveal just how much I spend on workshops or shop hops or books or any other quilting expense. I have to carefully balance how much time I devote to quilting activities so that he doesn’t feel neglected. Even my QFFs have taken up the cause to make him feel less threatened – they know that coming to my house for quilting “retreats” is a better idea than me going to them, since I can spend some of the time with DH instead of abandoning him for a whole weekend!!!

Yes, I have a serious case of envy for you ladies that have more understanding husbands!!

Which is why, the other evening, I was practically dumbfounded when DH asked me a simple question:

“When are you going to finish that quilt for ______ (Name cannot be revealed until the quilt is finished and given.)?”

shocked face

Did I understand him correctly, did he actually want me to go do some quilting!?! “W-w-what?”

“I want you to get ______’s quilt finished.”

Well, it was a good thing I was sitting down, or I probably would have dropped to the floor in a faint!!! This was actually MY husband telling me he wanted me to go sew!!!! Not just tolerating my hobby as a necessary evil in order to maintain a happy home, but encouraging me to leave him alone and spend time in the studio!!!!

My momma didn’t raise no fool – I skedaddled right into the studio and started stitching up a storm!!! šŸ˜†

I know this won’t continue for very long, but I’m sure going to take advantage of it while it does!

Now if I could only get my other boss on board. He’s been having me work extra hours this week to get a big project finished. I have to go in again today!!! šŸ‘æ


Hug the hurt

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