Moving Right Along

I’ve been working slowly, but steadily on some of my projects.

All the units are ready to start putting together for “Jamestown Landing”:


Not having a design wall really annoys me when I’m trying to lay out blocks! Since my truck is running again, maybe I can fit in a trip to the hardware store to get some foam insulation boards. Then I can cover them with cotton batting and prop them against a wall.

I’ve also been able to load a quilt on the Fun Quilter:


I haven’t started quilting it yet – hopefully, I can start it tonight!!

And, yes, I am working on two purple quilts at the same time! I must know a few people that really love purple!!



2 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. Ooooh! Your Jamestown Landing looks great in purple. You’re making great progress. Since our retreat weekend, I’ve managed two evenings working on my 3″ ninepatch blocks. The good news is that all the threesies I’ve made so far are ironed and I have completed 35 more nine patch blocks. Only a bazillion to go!


  2. Hi Cheryl,
    I also love your Jamestown Landing in purple. Last year at the Bonnie Hunter retreat, I met you and admired your Log Cabin quilt. So I’ve searched your blog and found your pictures around June 10, 2013. Was this a pattern? What size did you do your strips? I think I would like to start a 2-year project. 🙂


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