As Predicted

I said I probably wouldn’t get any sewing done and I was just about right. I did sew together two (count ’em, two!!) hexies over the whole weekend! But we sure did have fun!

First I was able to visit with my sister and great-nephew:

LB and Green Grandmom

They came out to the “boonies” to visit with mom and then they all came to camp at the cabin for the weekend. The cute little guy in the picture was very excited to have a campfire where we could cook “crackers, marshmallows, chocolate and hot dogs” Even though it sounded like he wanted them all together, we kept the hot dogs and smores separate and he seemed to enjoy them very much!

We also celebrated DGC#5’s birthday while up at the cabin. Hard to believe that he’s 8 years old already!! Seems like just yesterday he was a baby!! If you think your children grow fast, it’s nothing compared to how fast a grandchild grows!!!

walker's birthday

There were a lot of fun activities while we were at the cabin. Of course, I was so busy having fun, that I forgot to take very many pictures!! We did have a big campfire in the evening. Two friends brought their guitars and we enjoyed the music and singing. We also did another “log-a-lantern” to set on the fire:


All in all, it was a lovely weekend (even if I didn’t get very much sewing done!!) Now it’s back to the “same old dull routine”


do good

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