Staying On a Roll

Isn’t it great when you get on a roll and everything just goes quickly and smoothly!?! I love days like that. With the way everything was working over the weekend, I thought that, maybe, I’d continue on that roll for a while.

Um-m-m, not so much!

Yesterday turned into a hectic day, where I didn’t get any sewing done. First I had to exchange something at the hardware store. Let me give you a little back story with that:

DH: I am buying this “thing”
Me: Okay, but are you sure it’s the right size.
DH: Yes, this is exactly what we need.
Me: Alright, if you’re sure.

We purchase “thing”, take it home and prepare to install it. Uh-oh!!! It doesn’t fit!!! My Goodness, how could that happen!?! 🙄

Anyway, after going back to the hardware store to get the correct size “thing”, I picked up DGC#2 to come spend the night with us. He was going to help with moving the last of the stuff out of the old house and into the new. Having a young person that can walk up and down steps with ease is a great thing!!

While he schlepped boxes for me, I made sure there was plenty of food and drink – our deal is that he will help and I will make sure that he isn’t hungry!!! Do you know or remember how much food a 12 year old boy can put away!?! Let me remind you – A LOT!!!!

After working all afternoon, we spent the evening playing board games. So I didn’t get to do any sewing.

Sent to my room

I also missed Quilt Cam with Bonnie Hunter 😥

Fortunately, all her episodes are archived on YouTube, so I can watch it when I’m not so busy (when will that be, exactly!?!) For those of you that aren’t Bonnie Hunter stalkers, here’s the latest episode of Quilt Cam (the one I didn’t get to watch yet) I like to think that it’s like a mini quilt retreat with a friend:

Well, I still have DGC#2 here and he’s hungry again!!!

Head over to Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday by clicking HERE Even though I didn’t get to play with fabric, I can see what other people are doing!



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