Sorry for the delay

I meant to get the photos of the grandchildren posted some time ago. But two things got in the way – life and my internet connection has been slow. Life kept me busy for the past couple weeks, what with trying to get the last little bit of stuff moved, trying to keep the new house organized, taking care of DH’s invoicing and having guests staying at different times. The internet wouldn’t let me download photos very well – and I have quite a few!

These are in order of the shows. Lambs were on Tuesday, July 29, so here is DGC#4:


On Wednesday, July 30 were the swine shows – Again, DGC#4:


And DGC#1:


On Thursday, July 31 were the steer shows. This is DGC#3:


And DGC#1:


On Friday, August 1 there was a PeeWee Swine show. This was for the children too young to compete in the 4-H/FFA shows. DGC#5:




DGC#2 is not a 4-H member, so we did not see him in any shows. We actually only saw him for about 5 minutes throughout the whole week. He was busy running around the fairgrounds with his buddies and didn’t have time for visiting with grandparents!!!

And here is a shameless plug for DS#2, who happened to be standing next to his older brother while they both wore company shirts:


I am proud of all my grandchildren and how well they did during the Agricultural Fair.


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