Busy weekend

Nothing much got done around home this weekend. We had a number of things going on with the grandchildren.

DGC#3 was in the honor chorus and sang a number of songs:


DGC#4 was showing her lamb in the Spring show – she got second place:


DGC#3 showed her steer and got first place:


DGC#1 showed her steer. She didn’t place very well and we weren’t sure why, but we don’t argue with the judges!!


All of the above was on Saturday. On Sunday DGC#5 had a Rain gutter Regatta with his Cub Scout troop. He got best of show for his boat.

Rain gutter Regatta

After the Regatta we went to visit with DGC#2 and DCG#6. #2 had a birthday last Monday and we weren’t able to see him then, so we took him his card and gift yesterday. #6 showed us all the animals – they are starting to have a mini farm going on with all the fair animals plus some more for filling the freezer this fall!!

Finally got home and putzed around here in the evening, until it was time to crash on the couch and stare at the idiot box for a little while before bedtime!


Life is too short

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