Ah-h! This is Better!

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. I had to run some errands in the morning; in the afternoon I was working over at Peace House. Then in the evening I was able to sit down and play with some of my projects! That is so-o-o-o much better than being sick!!!

I’ve cut the binding strips for my Easy Street quilt:


I’m using the “Magic Binding” method. Here is a link to show how that is done: MAGIC BINDING

I’d like to get the binding done this week. Then this quilt will be finished!! Yippee!!!

While sorting through some boxes, I found this fabric:


I knew I had this fabric but when I was actually looking for it, I couldn’t find it. Then, yesterday when I wasn’t looking for it – there it was! I was thinking of using this fabric for an Easter tree skirt, but I’m not sure if it will work. It’s directional, the repeat is pretty far apart and I only have a yard. I was thinking of using my Dresden template again. At first, before I actually laid eyes on the fabric, I was thinking I could fussy cut the blades so that the design was the same on each. But I’m not sure if there is enough (20) of the same repeat. Maybe I can find two or more designs that would be far enough apart to accommodate the fussy cutting required. Of course, then my fabric is going to look like swiss cheese! Oh well, such is the life of a quilter!!

DH was very happy that I had also started some pickled eggs! I hard-boiled three dozen eggs, peeled them all and then added the beet juice and vinegar with the eggs in a large glass jar. Apparently, around here, it isn’t Easter if we don’t have pickled eggs!! I know they should have been started before this, for really deep pickled eggs. But they should be acceptable by the time we sit down for Easter dinner.

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Never get tired

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