Get It Done – April

I knew March was going to be a busy month, I just didn’t realize how busy it was going to be!! So, needless to say, I didn’t get too much done on my goals for March.

1) Get Celtic Solstice to twin size flimsy stage. Nope – I cut a few pieces and sewed a few pieces, but it isn’t much closer to be a finished flimsy than it was at the beginning of the month.

2) Quilt Easy Street – I was afraid that I would be saying No on this one too. But I put in a marathon session of quilting yesterday and Ta-Da!! I got the quilting all done!!!! I haven’t even trimmed it yet, but here it is, and a close up of the swirly pattern that I used for quilting:


3) Keep playing with hexies in the evenings and other spare moments – my ultimate goal will be to have them all put together before the end of June. – Yes, this is one thing that I did get a good bit done on since I could carry it with me when I was travelling. I’ve started sewing the flowers together and the design is starting to show up. I can’t wait to get this finished so I can reveal the completed design!!

4) Make a few more stars with the bonus triangles – No, there are no more stars. I did sew a few more HST together to make parts of the stars, but I didn’t get anymore stars together – there’s still one lonely star on my design wall.

Cleaning Goal: Finish dining room and move on to Master bedroom. – Are you kidding me!!?! If I didn’t have time to sew, I certainly didn’t have time to do any major cleaning!!! Actually, the house is more of a wreck than usual since I wasn’t around much. I’m going to have to do some fast talking to convince myself that I need to get back on track!! With Easter dinner coming up and all the family to be here, maybe that will be incentive enough to get things done.


So what am I going to try to get done in the next month?

1) I’d like to push to get Celtic Solstice all pieced AND quilted, but I’ll be happy if I can get it pieced.
2) Sew the stars together from the CS bonus triangles. I think I want to use the stars to make a center medallion for a bigger quilt and I just plain want to get these tiny pieces out of the way!!
3) Coordinate work on the Hospice quilt. My quilt group is making a quilt to give to the local Hospice so that they can use it for a fund raiser. Somehow I became the chairperson for this effort.
4) Continue work on hexies – I’ve been going gang-busters on this one, so I don’t think it will be hard to accomplish this goal!!

Cleaning – since my motivation is having family here for Easter dinner, I guess I better concentrate on the dining room and kitchen.

There you go – plenty of things to keep me busy this month!! Is anyone else trying to set goals for each month?

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I believe

2 thoughts on “Get It Done – April

  1. Oh, wow. Your goals make me feel inadequate!! I am currently prioritizing laundry, grocery shopping, and bathrooms that are clean enough not to be condemned, and as for the rest of the housework — well, let’s just dim the lights and say that the dust and dog fur I can’t see doesn’t really exist, shall we? Your Easy Street quilt is lovely, especially the swirly quilting. Do you use a longarm or domestic machine, and do you use a stitch regulator?

    Honestly, I admire quilters who are able to switch gears and multitask on so many projects at once. I have two projects in progress at the moment for the first time ever, and knowing that I started a new quilt before finishing the other one is just about giving me an ulcer! 🙂

    Good luck with your goals for April.


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