So Much to do, so Little Time

DH has another day of working at Peace House planned for us. Now that the weather is finally looking a little better, he is anxious to get things finished over there.

We saw a robin yesterday:

Robin in the snow

That must mean that winter is about over!! Thank Goodness!!!

I took a few pictures over at Peace House – this one is the sitting room just off of the living room:


This room gets sun most of the day giving plenty of natural light. It’s bigger than our living room in our home. If we take away the furniture that is currently in it, and put some work tables and chairs in here, it would make a fantastic work room for a group of quilters!! Bev, Barb and I actually did use it for a workroom. Since it was only three of us, we just set tables in the middle.


It worked great!

The next photo is a shot of the view from the side of the house. I mentioned previously that we’d like to put a deck on this side of the house, which would make a great place to relax and sip a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!!


DH has called the well drilling company to come out and take a look this week. And, if the weather does not go crazy on us, they will be able to begin work shortly thereafter. It’s all moving along, isn’t it!?!

Unfortunately, my sewing goals are suffering because of all the work going on over there!! February is almost over and I’m not even close to finishing my four goals for the month. đŸ˜¥


strong women

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