Peace House

I’ve owned the house across the street for more than three years now. The gentleman that owned it ran an “auto parts” business from his home. That’s just a fancy name for a junk yard. After he passed away, the property was put up for sale. Fortunately for us, all of the inventory was auctioned off, so there was not too much junk left around for us to get rid of. The house stayed on the market for quite awhile before we decided that we might be interested in it. There were some serious problems with the place – the main one being, no one had winterized it, so there were a lot of plumbing leaks. DH was able to take care of the leaky plumbing and has been slowly working on the renovation. After a lot of time and effort, it is starting to look like a nice place. This is the only before photo that I have:

Big house

I don’t have any from in the house – I guess I’m a slacker when it comes to photography! 😳

This is how the outside looks right now:


DH wanted to add something to the house that would make it look less like a box. The decks help with that. We are considering adding a side deck (it would be on the right hand side of the house in the picture above.) Since there is a little bit of a nice view from that side of the house, it would be nice to have a deck to sit on and be able to look out at the mountains. And, of course, it would add another outside element to take away the boxiness.

These are the only two photos from inside right now:


Note to Self: I’m going to have to start taking some better pictures of things from now on!!

The carpet did get installed yesterday and it makes the third floor look so much nicer now. One of the bedrooms had some green-ish, yellow-ish shag carpet in it. The other bedroom had wine colored carpet. And the sitting room between them had no carpet, just painted plywood. Now the entire third floor is carpeted with a soft brown plush. So much better!!!

Now all five bedrooms, the living room and the sitting rooms (there’s one off the living room and one on the third floor) have got new carpet. On the lower level there is an entry room, that we’ve designated as a game room right now. It has a concrete floor that’s been painted. I think we will get an area rug for down there, instead of trying to install wall to wall carpet. Then that will take care of the flooring all through the house. Yippee!!


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2 thoughts on “Peace House

  1. I agree also!!! It is obvious that you have put heart and soul and much work into this project to make it a comfortable and cozy retreat.


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