Get it Done – February

Today is the last day of the month, and you know what that means! It’s time to review how well I did with the goals that I set for January and then set four more goals for February.

1) Finish the Bonnie Hunter “Celtic Solstice” mystery quilt to the flimsy stage.


Well, it’s not quite done. I did get all the blocks sewn together into the center of the flimsy according to Bonnie’s directions. But then I decided to add two more rows of blocks and then a narrow pieced border, so that I can make this one a twin size quilt.

2) Finish the Bonnie Hunter “Easy Street” mystery quilt (from last year) to the flimsy stage!! I had it finished as a twin size, but I want to make it queen size, so I have some un-sewing and re-sewing to do. And I’ve been saying I want to get it done since July!!! So, I am going to get it done NOW!!


Done!! Woo-hoo!! I’ve got it to the flimsy stage and am getting it loaded onto the Fun Quilter!!

3) Make a dozen hexie flowers. I have a plan (sorry, it can’t be revealed until it’s done!) so, I’ll be trying to keep up with making hexie flowers for quite some time:


Done!! You knew that! I’ve been talking about them for quite a while now!!

4) Load quilt onto Fun Quilter (and, if I’m really lucky, get it quilted!) This one is for DH (sh-h-h, don’t tell!!):



Done!! I was really lucky (and industrious!!) and got it all quilted. Okay, don’t look too closely at the quilting because it’s not the greatest. But hey, DH should be happy to have it to snuggle under even if the quilting isn’t that good. And the quilt inspector (Norman) seemed to like it, too.

As for the cleaning goal – getting the living room cleaned – well, it’s not my favorite thing to do, but I think I accomplished a good bit. There is still a little bit of sorting out to do, but most of the junk that didn’t need to be there is gone, baby, gone!! Yay!!

Now for my goals for February:

1) Bind the quilt for DH and get Celtic Solstice to twin size flimsy stage.
2) Load and quilt Easy Street.
3) A dozen more hexies
4) And I’ve finally decided that I will piece all the bonus triangle units into a wall hanging, so that they will not be piling up anywhere.

I am going to work on cleaning the Dining Room this month. It’s another room that isn’t TOO bad as far as accumulated “stuff”. Notice how I’m doing the easier things first. I hope that will keep me inspired to continue onto the other, more difficult rooms later in the year.

I did get one little organizing thing done in the sewing room:


I filled each of the suitcases, plus the black travel case that I had in another corner of the house and stacked them on the table in the sewing room. It definitely looks much neater there – take my word for it!!!

Norman seems to approve, as well:


I’m linking with Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Whoop, Whoop Friday. Click HERE. I think I deserve a Whoop, Whoop for getting so much of my goals done this month!!


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