I’m Just an Old Hippie

I love reading comments from my friends out there in the blogosphere. My post last week brought a few interesting comments. I wanted to share this one:

“I have the unenviable job of trying to explain to literally thousands of people how being unkind, un-accepting, and judgmental can lead to hatred and hatred can lead to killing and killing can lead to wars and wars can lead to the total destruction of everything we hold dear on this earth. But being kind and standing up for the rights of others can lead to peace. And it all starts with us, everyone of us, every day, every minute. It all starts with choices.”

Thank you, Barb. I couldn’t agree more with what you are saying. Every day we have the choice of being kind to everyone we meet or being unforgiving, bitter, or vindictive (having or showing a desire to hurt someone who has hurt or caused problems for you)

Which choice do you think would be better?


I know, I know – I’m up on a soapbox again. But really, I’m just so tired of all the drama. Maybe I thought that things would be more peaceful in the world by now. I was only a child during the “flower power”, “make-love-not-war” days. But I think I absorbed that credo. And, somehow, I thought that people would be so much more forgiving and understanding by now. But I look around me and I see so many people that only think of themselves and, worse, do not care how their words and actions will hurt others. There are people who want to kill someone because they don’t agree on religion. Or who hate someone because of the color of their skin. Why – Why!?!

How about if everyone just stops all the hating and starts trying to get along with everyone else. I’m not saying you have to be best buddies with everyone on the planet, but you don’t have to go out and hurt people. You don’t have to hate anyone.

And if everyone will agree to just be kind, I’ll be happy!! And, naturally, that is what is most important!! 😉

Queen is Happy


2 thoughts on “I’m Just an Old Hippie

  1. I agree with everything that is being said. I think we know too much, too fast about each other and the things around us…This world that we live in and all the technology and social media I feel can be a Cancer that society feeds off of! Just my thoughts everyone may not like it!
    Cheryl, I luv all the neat stuff you are working on….I evny you and wish I had your dedication!


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